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Kegworth primary Zippy - Zip up Sweatshirt

Kegworth primary Zippy - Zip up Sweatshirt
2 Yrs, 3-4 Yrs, 5-6 Yrs, 7-8 Yrs, 9-10 Yrs, 11-12 Yrs, 12-13 Yrs

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Introducing the zip-up sweatshirt, which we like to call ‘The Zippy’. This is a great addition to kids uniform as a warm layer for winter. The Zippy is a hybrid jacket and jumper that reflects a new approach to school uniform.

Wear the Zippy instead of a sweatshirt or a cardigan with its thoughtfully designed unisex appeal. Featuring a full zip-up sweatshirt design, the Zippy is smart and easy to use. It is durable thanks to its high-performance colour-fast fabric. This non-colour fading fabric technology keeps uniforms bright throughout the year.

The Zippy is the latest addition to our Eco-uniform range made using eco-fabric from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Each Zippy contains three and a half recycled plastic bottles, it’s our newest eco-hero! Our hard-wearing and high-quality sustainable fabric is designed to last through the whole school year.

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2 Yrs
3-4 Yrs
5-6 Yrs
7-8 Yrs
9-10 Yrs
11-12 Yrs
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